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The importance of indiv

发表时间:2010年09月20日   作者:澳客网库管理员

  The importance of individual in football team

  Being the most titled football team at international level. Ac Milan has the most faithful fans all over the world including me; history witnessed the unprecedented, unmatched and unparalleled streak of 58 unbeaten games from may1991 to April 1993. Although AC Milan also falls from level A to level B, it never fails to enlighten the football field even in its darkest days.

  Milan heroes are also remembered by fans in deep heart. Van Basten, Guilt ,Baresi, and so on. Whenever I heard these names, I felt my blood heated, although whether a team can win depends on the ability of the whole group, the individual’s ability was also a key to win.

  Each Milan fan knows the “divine swan” van Basten. He is one of the greatest player people have ever known. He led Milan to champion again and again. His most striking record is that he had 4 goals in only 29 minutes. If there were no him, Milan wouldn’t be able to achieve so many unforgettable wins and undeniable triumphs.

  Another example is Sherchenko, an Ukrainian player. Once he was the leader of the whole team. He would destroy all oppositions in his path. It’s believed that he would be the caption. At the beginning of this season, He left Milan to Chelsea FC of England. His leave was really a great loss to Milan. So far, Milan had really done a poor job in this season, although other players tried very hard.

  To conclude,individual’s ability is really a decisive element in determining the fate of a match and often the whole team. The importance of individual is equal to the whole group while watching the matches how I wish I can see Sherchenko score again and lead Milan to next victory.