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Letter of apology

宣布时刻:2020年04月16日   作者:diligent

  Dear Maria,

  In this letter I sincerely say sorry to you. You may not know what happened, but I have to tell you the truth. The specific events are as follows.

  Do you remember when I told you yesterday that I left your story book at my house? Actually, it's just a lie I made up. I'm terribly sorry, but I've actually lost your storybook. I'll tell you the details in this letter. Just at noon the day before yesterday, I made an appointment with my friends to eat out. The meal was delicious and we had a good talk. After dinner we decided to go out to central park. At that time I still remember clearly that I still had your story book. At that time, I decided to return your book to you and then go to the park with them. But one of my friends insisted on not wasting time, and I thought about it. It was really late. If we don't hurry to get into the park, we may be very late and very late after playing. There are so many bad people in this kind of city, but we dare not go home alone at night, so we decided to go in and play first. On the one hand, I consider that I can't delay other people's time, and I don't dare to go home alone at night. On the other hand, I think I can return your storybook to you tomorrow because you once told me that I can return it to you whenever I want, that is, it will be better early.So we took a trip to the park first. But something bad happened, and by the time we got back from the park, I'd already found out that my arm didn't have your storybook. By then it was almost 7:00 at night, the sun was already setting, and I was ready to hurry to find it. Two other friends of mine came with me to look for the book because I knew it was very important to you. But we are clean, and our rights are still not found. But you must not be too discouraged, because I seem to remember where it should be. Because we took the Ferris wheel, and the Ferris wheel is the place we didn't find. So I think there's a good chance that book is on the Ferris wheel. I'll look for that book tomorrow. I think there is a good chance of finding it because the staff will definitely keep it. If you really can't get it back, I'll buy you the exact same one. So you must not be too angry or sad about it. If you bought it online, please give me his link. You can give me a deadline, I will find your story book within this deadline. Do you need some damages? I can pay you, too. Please be sure to forgive me, I will be very grateful to you.

  Once again, I am very sincerely sorry. I would appreciate it very much if you would forgive me and accept my compensation. Looking forward to your early reply.