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Be nice with yourself

宣布时刻:2019年09月16日   作者:姚冬冬

  We also grew up to realize that maybe it's not the person we love that eventually accompanies us to the white end, but the person who is suitable in all aspects.

  Maybe everyone will meet a person who loves but doesn't get it. Compared with the crying day when we finally can't get it, we gradually become peaceful and begin to accept life. It's impossible for us to quietly trust that person and then try to accept others for the rest of our lives. Everyone who doesn't know love will meet a person who knows love. Then we will experience a love that tears our hearts and hearts apart.

  Then the person who doesn't know love will gradually understand. How to love the one who knows love but dares not love the one who takes it up again is not heartless. They just know how to fit in and stop too many experiences so that they can learn to pay a certain amount of money or be sad. They can always adjust their mindset and recover. No one will be heartbroken and not really disappointed with a heart of stone. It's scolding, not crying, not dealing with you. It's silence. It's what you do. I don't think it has anything to do with me anymore. At last, all my thoughts turn into never wanting to meet you again.

  You don't have to talk to me about emotional matters anymore. Only one sentence that's not right, you can't forget it and go to find a new one. I know too well about it. Poor people, as long as they haven't been hurt enough to others, all the bitter words are left-in-right-ear nonsense. I always say that I am used to loneliness, eating alone, watching movies, and doing what I want to do because when you get through the loneliest time, you will feel that life is just so unimaginable.

  So the difficulty is more twists and turns...