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Facing the Ocean Spring and Blossom

宣布时刻:2019年06月23日   作者:姚冬冬

  Facing the Ocean, Spring and Blossom.

  This is a poem written by a modern Chinese poet HaiZi.This poem is beautiful and warm.Give people the feeling of hope.Yes, the Ming Dynasty sea, why not spring blossoms?The sea is hope.And the flower symbolizes a beautiful future.The endless sea is full of beautiful and hopeful future.

  May we end up being like HaiZi said:Love is vegetables and life.You can walk forward with a bright future for the future, just move forward, have no thoughts, be too conceited, and not too proud, just to move forward.Walking and walking will find that the road ahead is still calm, and the fruit of hope has already been settled, just waiting for you to pick.

  May we face the sea when we face it,can clear their goals.May the spring of the coming year be warm, our flowers of victory will fill the land of China.