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My Big Story in 2049:the Sence of Security

宣布时刻:2019年06月23日   作者:李小汝

  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen:

  Today is June 10th,2049. As you can see, I am very thin and delicate. But I am not afraid to make myself beautiful to go out. I am not afraid to travel alone to enjoy the scenery. I am not afraid to use laws to protect myself. I am living a life of security.

  Thirty years ago, people were always telling me that I should go out with friends, dress conservatively, and mind my own business. Just because I am a girl without any strength.

  So I have been trying to change that for 30 years. I have learned martial arts skills. I have known the key and weak part of the human body. And also, I have studied relevant laws and regulations. My safety awareness and self-preservation ability have been greatly improved. This is how I educate myself to feel more secure.

  In addition, as a teacher, I not only pay attention to my students' study, but also care about their spiritual development. I try to educate them in this way: I cultivate my boys' sense of responsibility from small things. I teach my girls safety skills and I tell them: believe in the goodness of the world but don't forget to be brave and protect yourself.

  This is my big story in 2049: I try to make myself and the people around me feel more secure.

  Back to now,2019. There is no doubt that China will be more and more powerful and people's mental well-being should definitely not be left behind. So, in2049, our nation, I hope, will provide a more secure society.

  Thank you!