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This flawed beauty

发表时间:2019年06月22日   作者:姚冬冬

  Life is unfair and it is necessary to adapt to it.The work of the day after tomorrow is always more important than the innate talent. Without experiencing the downpour, how can you see the rainbow of the beauty and sigh, the broken body does not mean that you are doing nothing, I want to be in the day of a daily person. Underneath, you can also go out to the immortal legend, the miracle of life.

  Ming Jin’s famous physicist, Hawking, unfortunately suffered from congenital muscular atrophy in his youth, which is the frozen person in our mouth. Although God unfairly deprived Hawking of his athletic ability, Hawking However, with the two fingers of Jin Neng activities, he created the theory of Hawking black hole, which played a milestone for the exploration of human outer space. He was praised as the greatest physicist after Einstein. Different from the perseverance of ordinary people,Only persisted, when the physical condition of the logistics was worse every day, people began to study for me whether he could continue to study my fears. The famous philosopher, Gracia, tried to change the person who questioned him. As a person who maintains him, I think Hawking perfectly interprets this sentence, and he has done the sun-deficient body.It has been passed down thousands of miles without seeing it.

  Zhou Zhou is a famous conductor.But unlike others, he is a sick person with 213 body syndrome.It is also a happy thing. Zhou Zhongsheng is extremely sensitive to music. When he hears the music, he always can't help but wave his hands. Later his family discovered his talent, and slowly I began to train him and guide him to practice music. Just as the godsman was shot and shot, after this week's easy-going talent and hard work, he became an internationally renowned conductor and many symphony orchestras have cooperated, although now Zhou Zhou still doesn't know what is beautiful,

  But he can immerse himself in the joy of music, let the talent of extraordinary people accompany, the beauty of innate defects.

  If you overcome difficulties, you can reach the other side of success. The incomplete beauty is not complete, but it can also bloom the most beautiful flower!