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发表时间:2019年06月22日   作者:姚冬冬

  Hello everyone.I am called Yao Dongdong.I am a high school student from International High School. I am very happy to have the opportunity to introduce myself here today and introduce Chinese traditional culture.

  As we all know, Chinese traditional culture has a history of 5,000 years since ancient times.These excellent cultures are in our daily lives on function and help.To this end, we will build a cultural center to help more people learn about Chinese traditional culture.We will hold some events.I want to hold an examination about Chinese traditional culture.Well, I can participate in some exhibition activities, but last but not least, we can learn traditional Chinese songs.Better understand cultural melody.

  The ancients have clouds, knowledge is the ladder of human progress, and knowledge is power, so I sincerely hope that you can actively participate, rain to this event, join this cultural center.

  I am finished with your speech, thank you for listening, I hope that you can have a good mood.Thank you!